100 Days Challenge-Exciting New Products


Hi everyone!

So this week I managed to complete my 100 days no shopping challenge! Whoop whoop!

Those who  know me well know that in January I set a challenge for myself to go for 100 days without buying any make up or new clothes! Which is quite an achievement for me! Not that I’m a shopaholic or anything but I love clothes and make up and I often indulge in trying new products and fashion trends.

After noticing that my wardrobe was stashed with clothes that couldn’t quite fit in it and that my cupboards were full of make up products some still in their packaging I decided to take a break from it all just for a while. So now I feel like I can control myself better from making impulsive purchases, really search for the best products to buy and invest on good quality rather than quantity. Much as I thought that after completing 100 days I’d go straight for a shopping spree, I have only bought a new pair of tights so far!

This doesn’t mean though that during these 100 days I didn’t have the chance to catch up with lovely make up products and new fashion trends! Friends birthdays, family gifts, and frequent visits to the shops although without letting myself get all the way to the till, meant I have a  new list of great products!


Lancôme La Base Pro Hydra Glow

Miracle Cushion Look : La Base Pro Hydra Glow, Lisa Eldridge Tutorial Looks MAKE UP

I was looking for a primer for my friend’s birthday this month and I had almost made up my mind on a different one  which I had tried and liked. But a walk through Fenwicks and a stop by the Lancome counter made me change my mind. I loved the hydrating texture of this primer and the natural glow it gives to the skin.  You can also use it as a highlighter after foundation-who doesn’t love a multi-purpose solution?!

Lancôme Teint Visionnaire Foundation 



So I spent this Easter break in Milan with my parents. Which means extra free access to my mum’s make up bag-always a bonus! Loads of great products to try on in there but what I really fell in love with was her Teint Visionnaire foundation! The coverage it offers is unreal and the corrector part at the top made wonders for my dark circles! This level of coverage usually feels heavy on my skin but this one was light and moisturising.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup

Another thing that goes hand in hand with my love for fashion and make up is my addiction to fashion and beauty magazines. Which provides me with loads of lovely samples. During my challenge I decided to use some of those samples and one of them was of this foundation. First of all it feels so luxurious to apply and smells so good! Provides really long-lasting coverage and a natural effect. Definitely the next one to buy!

Nails inc Superfood NailKale Base Coat


This little miracle was in my Glamour festival bag. I have quite fragile nails and am terrible for following the whole base coat- colour- top coat procedure but this product is so great that I use it religiously before applying any nail polish. It contains extracts of aloe vera, lemon, ginseng, pomegranate and grape and is enriched with vitamins A, C, E, F and H.  My nails feel much stronger and I have noticed less splitting since I have started using it.

Accessorize Cassidy Satchel Bag


This was another birthday present for friend. Such a cute satchel bag! The floral print version  couldn’t be any better for adding a Spring tone to the outfit while yellow is the colour of Spring/Summer 2016!

What new products have you fallen in love with recently?


Eleni xx



  1. May 30, 2016 / 12:46 pm

    Lovely post 🙂 That bag is gorgeous! Accessorize always have such cute bags.

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