The Happiness Tag

Hi everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend :)

Some time ago I was nominated by the lovely Leanne to for the happiness tag.  Leanne has one of the sweetest and most inspiring blogs so if you haven’t already ,go visit her blog; you will fall in love with her writing.

It’s taken me ages to do this post because things have been pretty busy lately but I loved doing it as finding happiness in my every day has been my main focus this year!

So these are the things that need to be done:

  • name 5 things that make you happy 
  • name 5 songs that make you happy 
  • choose 5 nominees to complete the tag

5 Things that make me happy:

  1. My lovely boyfriend. He is always there for me to support me, make me smile and love me unconditionally. I love spending my days with him.
  2. My family. I’m so grateful to have grown up in a family full of love and affection. We are and have always been a team and I wouldn’t have managed without their love and support. Talking to them and spending time with them makes me happy.
  3. My amazing friends. I know everyone loves their friends but really I have the most amazing friends in the world! Gossiping, dancing, talking and laughing with them always puts a smile on my face.
  4. Books. Reading a good book is one of my favourite things in the world. I feel like a live many different lives through the books’ characters which I find very exciting.
  5. Shopping. I love makeup and fashion! Going shopping and trying on clothes and beauty products never fails to cheer me up 🙂

5 Songs that make me happy:

  1. El mismo sol-Jennifer Lopez/Alvaro Soler
  2. On the Top of the Word-Imagine Dragons
  3. Tourner Dans Le Vide-Indila
  4. Superheroes-The Script
  5. Don’t Stop Believing-Journey

And my 5 nominations are:

Be happy everyone 🙂


Eleni xx





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