What’s in my make-up bag

Until recently, if you turned any of my bags upside down at least 5 lipsticks and a couple more lip glosses would fall off it! Many of my favourite lipsticks used to mysteriously vanish only to appear again a few months later in a bag I hadn’t used in a while. I was so used to it that it didn’t really bother me anymore. When I saw a beautiful make-up bag in New Look though, I decided to be all grown up and get myself more organised. By that point I had also realised that no matter how carefully I did my make-up before leaving the house in the morning, after 8 hours of battling with my Marketing duties in the office most of my make-up would be smudged or faded. This meant that if I was planning to go out after work, apart from my beloved lipsticks, I had to also fill my make-up bag with some useful products that would help me refresh my make up easily and quickly.

What's in my make-up bag

Travel size products are the best for this sort of thing and the make-up I got from my Benefit Cosmetics Girl o’Clock Rock advent calendar where proper gems!  This is what’s currently in my make-up bag:

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

Recently featured on my latest favourites post, I love using this concealer as it gives great coverage, highlights the under eye area and feels hydrating and gentle on the skin. If I had to choose one product to take with me in my bag this would be it. Mainly because no matter how many mascaras I have tried, I always end up with dark smudges under my eyes by the end of the day. And then there are these spots that come out of nowhere just to make things better!

Glossier Cloud Paint Cream Blush

Glossier Cloud Paint Cream Blush

A multi-purpose beauty product is a make-up bag gem! I love this cream blush as it is so easy to apply even without a mirror and I can use it as a blush, lipstick and eye-shadow all in one. I’m using the shade puff which gives a very healthy and radiant glow to the skin in seconds.

Benefit Cosmetics High Beam Liquid Highlighter 

Benefit Cosmetics High Beam Liquid Highlighter 

The advent calendar mini version of this Benefit Cosmetics popular highlighter is the perfect glow-on-the-go product! It has a satiny pink shade and I use it to give a dewy glow to my cheeks, nose  & brow bones. It works wonders with making you look relaxed after a difficult day at work.

Pixi Beauty Brow Tamer 

Lately, I don’t feel like I have done my make-up properly unless my eyebrows look good. Luckily, filled-in eyebrows last throughout the day, it’s one of the things I don’t need to redo. I can’t say the same about how tidy they look at the end of the day though-or at least mine are a little wild! My friend Natalie gave me this Brow Tamer by Pixi Beauty and it never leaves my make-up bag now! Its clear brow gel, sets and shapes naughty eyebrows whilst its aloe-vera enhanced formula leaves them soft.

Caudalie French Kiss Tinted Lip Balm

Caudalie French Kiss Tinted Lip Balm

This lip balm has been one of my winter saviours as my lips suffer from the cold and get all chapped and dry. I love how soft it is, how nice it smells (and tastes!) and the soft pink colour it gives to the lips. Highly soothing and hydrating, I have been using it it everyday to keep my lips soft and give them some TLC.

L’Occitane Almond Delicious Hands Hand Cream

L'Occitane Almond Delicious Hands Hand Cream

If you are not new to the blog you will know that this has been my favourite hand cream for years! Apart from the amazing scent, it’s perfect for soothing dry hands and keeping them moisturised. It is enriched with almond milk and almond oil that gives them an instant softness! I love the fact that it gets quickly absorbed by the skin and doesn’t leave the hands sticky like most other hand creams.

Charlotte Tilbury Scent of a Dream Perfume 

Charlotte Tilbur Scent of a Dream Perfume 

I always keep a perfume sample in my make-up bag. These days it’s a sample of Scent of a Dream which I got with my last Charlotte Tilbury order. Although stronger than the perfumes I usually go for, I love the unique scent of this perfume.  Its floral scent includes a blend of lemon, peach, black pepper,  jasmine, frankincense, tuberose and violet notes, as well as notes of Fire Tree, Iso E Super, Patchouli and Ambroxan.

Which are your make-up bag essentials?


Eleni xx



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      January 14, 2018 / 2:53 pm

      Thanks for reading Sam ☺️ It’s very handy! And yes high beam is perfect for a quick glow effect x

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