Spring Favourites

The day is definitely getting longer, the snow has melted and we are finally getting glimpses of some proper sunshine! This can only mean one thing… Spring is here and I’ve been waiting for it for so long.  Along with it, came some my Spring Favourites. I haven’t done a favourites post in a while so here’s what I’ve been loving lately!

L’Occitane Pierre Hermé Paris Miel Mandarine Hand Cream

L'Occitane Miel Mandarine Hand Cream

The last time I was in London, I visited the L’Occitane flagship shop on Regent Street and I was blown away by its beauty! The interior design is just gorgeous and it offers a unique shopping experience which includes the highlights of the Pierre Hermé Macarons and Hand and Arm Massage Bar-OK the complimentary champagne was a pretty good part of the experience too!

If you have been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that L’Occitane makes my favourite hand creams in the world; you can always find one in my bag, usually the Amande one.  You can imagine how overwhelmed I was by the huge selection of hand cream scents spread in front of me at the Hand and Arm massage bar! After driving my friends mad by trying to smell each one of them,  the sweet but fresh scent of the Honey Mandarin Hand Cream from their Pierre Hermé collection was the one to win my heart.  And I’m very glad it did as it’s now out of stock! Like every other L’Occitane hand cream it is deeply moisturising due to its shea butter content, non-sticky, it gets absorbed quickly and its beautiful scent creates a sweet anticipation for summer and sunshine.


Shona Vertue-The Vertue Method: A stronger, fitter, healthier you –in 28days

 shona vertue

I discovered Shona Vertue through Instagram and was impressed by her great physique, the amazing things she can do with her body and her vibrant personality. As a girl who loves practicing yoga as much as I love lifting weights, I got hooked by her fitness approach which combines strength with flexibility and meditation and yoga practice with weighted workouts. Hence, I loved reading her book which offers great guidance on meditation, good and easy recipes and great workout inspiration. I have been mixing her workouts with my regular exercise plan and they are challenging yet fun and easy to follow.  Overall a great motivational and educational read. And now that longer days allow for more energy I’m sure it will stay in my Spring favourites list for a while!

Diets don't work - or do they?


The most delicious cheesecake at the Grosvenor House, JW Marriott Hotel London 

I have the world’s biggest sweet tooth and cheesecake is one of my favourite desserts! So discovering the most delicious cheesecake in London couldn’t be missing from my Spring favourites list! Following the recommendation of my friend Nora, we visited the famous Park Room at the Grosvenor House hotel for tea and dessert. Overlooking Hyde Park, Park Room features a luxuriously gorgeous interior setting, friendly, welcoming staff and the beautiful sounds of a pianist in the background. I tried the Wild Cherries tea which was delicious and of course their signature cheesecake which blew me away! Big enough for 3-4 people (we shared it between the 4 of us), it combines a thick delicious biscuit base, mouth watering filling and a refreshing topping. Totally worth the hype!


The Good Place TV Series

Image result for the good place

My new Netflix favourite! If you are looking for a clever, funny, uplifting new show to watch then this is it! Kristen Bell is amazing in it and it definitely hasn’t helped my girl crush on Jameela Jamil ❤️.

What are you loving this Spring?


Eleni xx


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