Bridal Make Up – Tips for choosing a Make Up Artist

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When it came to my bridal make up, I was certain about two things: 1) I wanted the look to be special but I also wanted to feel as much “myself” as possible and 2) I wanted someone else to do it for me, preferably someone talented but also pleasant and laid back as I knew I was bound to be feeling a bit tense on the day.

I got married in my hometown and given the fact that I haven’t lived there since the age of 17, I had to do some research before deciding on the make up artist for my big day. So I asked around… Most of the people I spoke with recommended the amazing Konstantina Markou to me and I am very glad they did! So tip No 1: Ask for recommendations (especially from people whose taste you admire!).

After Konstantina’s name was brought to my attention, I visited her social media pages to see examples of her work. This is the great thing about our era, you can get great insights about a professional’s portfolio from their social media pages. The looks featured on her Instagram page impressed me so I decided to get in touch with her. Tip No 2: Check out examples of the make up artist’s work and if they don’t use social media (quite rare I’d say) ask them to send you some photos of their previous projects.

After speaking to Konstantina, I booked an appointment with her for a make up trial which would define my final decision. My expectations for Konstantina’s personality where as important as my expectations for her skills. I like to be surrounded by happy, positive people, even more on a day like my wedding day! Konstantina’s calm, pleasant manner, her smiling face and warm attitude instantly put my mind to rest on that respect. Tip No 3: Choose a make up artist that you get along with. Personality does matter!

When discussing how I imagined my bridal make up to be, I showed Konstantina make up looks that I had found online and I liked as well as photos of myself with make up looks that made me feel pretty and confident. I also explained the way I usually do my make up and how I would like to feel/look on my wedding day. Tip No 4: Do your homework and go prepared! Get pinning on Pinterest (greatest wedding inspiration tool in the whole world), save photos that you like yourself on and have a clear idea of what you want. This will help the artist get inspired with a look that would suit you and your personality best. Just on the online inspiration part, try to choose photos of girls with similar skin tone and colours to yours as this would give you a better idea of how that particular make up would look on you. For example, I loved how pale pink lipstick looked on girls with different colours to mine but knew that if I went for that shade I’d look totally washed out.

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After our conversation, Konstantina put her magical brushes into action and she created my dream bridal look! I was impressed by every little detail from the shades and shapes she created to the great coverage, the natural glow and dewiness of my skin. There was only one thing that I didn’t feel very confident about and that was the choice of lipstick shade (more on this on a different post). I told Konstantina who was totally fine with it and we both agreed to look for alternatives during the months before the wedding. Tip No 5: Be honest. Don’t settle for something that you are not 100% comfortable with just because you are worried of coming across impolite. Your wedding day is a very special day and you should be feeling confident rather than conscious about the way you look.

When the big day arrived I felt relaxed and confident in Konstantina’s capable hands knowing that she would make me look the best possible version of myself. Everything ran smoothly apart from a fake eye-lash little crisis (I didn’t have them with me) which was quickly resolved. Tip No 6 (the most important one): No make up crisis is worth getting upset about on your wedding day! Fake eye-lashes or not your bridal shine will always steal the show!

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