Animal Print Love

I’ve always had a soft spot for animal print and I can still remember looking forward to being “old enough” to wear it as to my young self’s eyes it was a very sexy, femme fatale kind of fashion trend only suitable for real women rather than younger girls.

Well I guess I have now reached “real woman” age (my forehead wrinkle says so) and animal print was one of the biggest fashion trends for 2018 which carried through to 2019 so I guess it’s my chance to make the most out of it!

Much as I love the full-on animal print look, in most cases I have chosen outfits and accessories with animal print details like this Next coat. I love how the details on the collar and belt glam it up whilst the rest of the colour and pattern is more quiet and versatile.

Here are some other absolutely fabulous coats:

MOSCHINO Satin-trimmed leopard-print silk-crepe blazer

Slide View: 1: Lila Skinny Leopard Coat

Helene Berman double breasted animal print coat

I am walking a lot every day and much as I adore the elegance of a pair of beautiful heels my sciatica-affected leg just won’t have it. So I was looking for some stylish yet very comfortable shoes instead, and these Michael Kors Billie Mixed-Media trainers were a perfect fit for the purpose. I love the combination of the cheetah-print  with the gold and red accents and it feels like walking on feathers!

Other shoes with animal print patterns that I’m loving at the minute are:

Finally, a great way to add animal print details to your outfit is through the use of accessories with this pattern.

I got my hoops from Lovisa just before Christmas for £2.50 but I also love these ones:

Speaking of accessories, can I please make a special mention to my new River Island hat that stole my heart recently? Both warm and fashionable, it’s everything a Greek girl leaving in the North East needs in her life… Well that and carbs! Also, if you like my red satchel bag, you can read more about it here.

What are your thoughts on this trend? Will you be adding it to your wardrobe?


Eleni xx


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