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flight essentilas

Hi everyone! It’s summer which means homeland is calling! I am about to catch a flight for my summer holidays back home in Greece and I’m counting down the hours!

I have recently booked a few flights for things we have coming up so this as well as my upcoming trip to Greece made me think that it would a good idea to share with you my flight essentials and learn about yours.

Now, I have never really enjoyed a flight as I’m a slightly nervous flyer but I have improved a lot compared to how I used to be in the past. Comfort and entertainment are essential for a better flying experience so here is what I will be taking with me on board.


Hydration on the plane is crucial as the cabin’s low humidity percentage (fact: an airplane cabin is drier than the Sahara Desert!) can cause severe skin dehydration. So apart from drinking loads of water throughout the flight (especially as I need a glass of wine to help me relax) I am planning on taking the following products to help keep my skin hydrated.

Aqua, Beverage, Clear, Close Up, Cold Drink, Dehydrated


I usually go make up-free on a the plane in order to be able to keep moisturising my skin throughout the flight. For my trip to Greece I will be taking with me a travel size of the Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly that came with my Debenham’s beauty box. I haven’t tried it yet but I like the sound of a gel texture as it is lightweight and non-sticky and will feel refreshing on my skin during the flight. The product contains Hyaluronic Acid and Cucumber extract and promises to offer 24hr hydration as well as protection from the environment pollution so I’m looking forward to trying it.

Another skincare flight essential is an SPF as airplane windows can’t filter out the skin-damaging UV radiation. I love the Matis Paris CityProtect SPF50+* as it also offers protection against Blue Light (from our phone and laptop screens) and has a very comfortable wear that gets absorbed immediately without leaving any greasy residue. It also contains cranberry extract which has antioxidant action and rose floral water that boosts skin radiance. I never leave the house without applying it. It’s the last step on my skincare routine before make up.

Matis Paris City Protect


Lip hydration is as important as hydrating the face. Dry, chapped lips are not what I want for my holidays! I love a sheet mask but I’m not brave enough to sport a full face one whilst on the plane. I recently bought two amazing biocellulose lip masks from Sephora though, so I will be taking the one I haven’t used yet with me. It contains shea butter which gives the lips beautiful comfort and smells deliciously!

Sephora Shea Lip Mask for hydrated lips during the flight

I will continue hydrating my lips throughout the flight using my beloved Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips lip balm. Keeps my lips soft, smells lush and gives a flattering little rosy tint.


My hands are dry all year long so flights can add to the feeling of discomfort. I will be taking with me on the plane the Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream. It feels very nourishing on the skin yet it gets very easily absorbed (this is key for a hand cream) , and offers instant relief to irritated hands. Another thing that I love about this cream is that it contains Japanese Mulberry which strengthens the nails as mine are often fragile after using gel polish on them for many consecutive weeks.


I love all Lindsey Kelk’s books in the I Heart series. “I heart Hawaii” is the 8th and final book (boo, so sad!) in the series and I can’t think of a better summer read. If it’s anything like the previous 7 books in the series it will be full of laugh-out-loud, witty and romantic moments. It will be a great, easy read for the plane!

I will also be taking with me on the plane Sally Rooney’s book “Conversations with Friends“. This was a recommendation from my friend Bev from Beverley has read . She always has great book recommendations for me as she knows the type of books I like to read so I’m looking forward to reading it.


Best podcasts to listen to on a flight

Big part of what makes me nervous during a flight is due to all the airplane sounds. So blocking out any extrernal noise instantly relaxes me. Before boarding a flight I download a variety of episodes from my favourite podcasts to listen to. I love learning about health and nutrition so lately I’ve been loving Rhiannon Lambert’s Food for Thought podcast. It features amazing guests who are experts in their field and every week it delves into a different interesting subject from a well researched and educated point of view. Rhiannon is a Harley Street nutritionist who is very knowledgeable with a warm, upbeat personality and a very balanced point of view on nutrition.

I am also loving the Emma Guns show for an a amazing variety of current topics covering beauty, wellness and lifestyle. Plus Emma has such a soothing voice that works wonders for nervous flyers like myself!

What are you taking on board with you on a flight?


Eleni xx




  1. Stuart Forster
    August 2, 2019 / 1:29 pm

    I like taking an eye mask on flights, so I can slip it on and not be disturbed by light while flying. Enjoy your summer break.

    • elma2108
      August 17, 2019 / 5:43 pm

      That’s great to have too! Actually I will try it next time I’m travelling as it might help reducing my flying anxiety!

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