24hrs in Venice – where to eat

This month Fabio and I traveled to Italy to visit family and we had the chance to spend 2 days in magical Venice. As it was probably expected, I fell in love with the city as it was my first time visiting. The canals, the houses, the vibe of the city are all so special and romantic and there is beauty everywhere you turn your eyes to.

As with everywhere else I have visited in Italy, the food in Venice is also outstanding and a great pleasure for a couple of foodies like Fabio and I! I have collected here the must-visit places in Venice for 24 hours of delicious culinary experiences.

Breakfast with Tiramisu

Tiramisu at I tre Mercanti

Did you know that one of the most famous Italian desserts was first created in Veneto, in the town of Treviso near Venice? This makes for the perfect excuse to start your day with this local treat at I Tre Mercanti!

This gourmet shop offers a variety of Italian delicacies and most importantly, freshly makes Tiramisù every hour, a process which you can watch live from the shop’s window!

Apart from the traditional Tiramisu recipe, you can also find a variety of flavours which change daily like Nutella, Pistachio, Passion Fruit and Limoncello. We tried the classic and pistachio flavours which were both delicious!.

Fresh pasta for lunch

 Dal Moro's Fresh Pasta

After wandering around the streets of Venice for some time, it’s time for a quick lunch stop. Dal Moro’s Fresh Pasta  offers delicious fresh pasta to-go, made from scratch in front of you and served with a choice of homemade sauces: Napoletana, Fattoria, Ai Formaggi, Pesto, Carbonara, Bolognese, Ragù d’Anatra, Nero di Seppia and Frutti di Mare. We tried the Napoletana and the Pesto sauces and we liked them both. There is a beautiful place nearby called Campo Santa Maria Formosa where you can have you pasta under the shade with views of the canal.

Gelato break No1

Gelato di Natura

You can’t go to Italy and not enjoy some delicious gelato! Gelato di Natura offers high quality gelato in a great selection of mouth-watering flavours – we didn’t know what to choose! In the end I chose a flavour called Canova, named after the famous Italian sculptor, which was chocolate covered in pistachio cream and it was to die for! Fabio tried his favourite combination, chocolate and coffee, and also loved it.

Pizza for dinner

Pizzeria 1000 Gurmet

Another must when you visit Italy is of course pizza! We had dinner at Pizzeria 1000 Gurmet . I recommend the pizza Morte Del Pistacchio which is a delicious masterpiece that contains pistachio pesto from Bronte, Mortadella from Bologna and smoked provola di buffala cheese. There are also gluten-free and lactose-free options available which is great!

Gelato break 2

Gelatoteca Suso Venice
*photo borrowed from the Gelatoteca Suso Instagram account – we were too fast to eat ours!

We all know that in Italy just one gelato is never enough! Finish the day with a gelato from Gelatoteca Suso. With a huge variety of flavours both all time classic ones and new, creative ones, it’s the best end of your day!



Eleni xx


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