I know there are some real glam-mums out there, but for me looking good during the first months post partum wasn’t such an easy task. All my routines -skincare, make up, haircare -had been simplified… View Post

Tomorrow Sofia will be 4 months… I can’t believe how fast time flies by! And I might have not mastered the art of independent baby napping yet but motherhood has already taught me some very… View Post

The first month of the new year is now over and bleak as it might have been after the Christmas holidays festivities, it also had some highlights. Here is a list of food, drink, beauty… View Post

I can’t believe I’m actually writing on my blog again! It’s been a minute… My last post was written during lockdown number 2 and since then my life has changed so overwhelmingly that I struggled… View Post

So the day we have been dreading has finally come and we are navigating yet another national lockdown in the U.K. All things considered though, this time is the right season to wear our most… View Post