Hi everyone! So this week I managed to complete my 100 days no shopping challenge! Whoop whoop! Those who  know me well know that in January I set a challenge for myself to go for… View Post

Hi everyone! So last weekend I visited the Glamour Beauty Festival! It was a beauty-blogger’s paradise! No, let me rephrase this, it was every girl’s -who loves to be pampered- paradise! Taking over the three… View Post

      Hello Everyone, I can’t believe it’s February already! Where has the time gone? Oh well one month closer to summer 🙂 On my previous post I shared with you some of the… View Post

Happy New Year everyone! I know, it’s with a slight delay, but I have been busy spending time with my family and friends back home and then adjusting back again to reality and the British weather 🙂 I… View Post

  I have to admit that I love all kinds of parties…The dancing, the cheerful atmosphere, meeting new people and spending time with old friends… But the parties I love the most have to be the  New Year’s… View Post