Hi guys! I hope that you are all well and that you enjoyed my previous post on the highlights of my last trip to London. London is such a magical place that just one blog post in not enough to describe all the great things I did and saw when I was there so here is the second part of Monday’s post featuring the rest of the highlights on my list ūüôā


Beauty and the Feast Show 

Beauty and the Feast The Vaults London

This show was actually the reason we decided to visit London on my birthday weekend. I heard about it on Twitter and rushed to book the tickets as the combination of music, food, cocktails and disco DJ sounded like the perfect way to celebrate my birthday.

Beauty and the Feast, presented at The Waterloo Vaults art stage, was inspired by the famous love story of Beauty and the Beast. Only with a modern, sassy twist! Guests are invited into the Beast’s palace where the feast is served. There, we witness the story of the troubled relationship between Belle and the Beast. Along with Liquid¬†Fairy Matchmaker, guests play a crucial part in breaking the spell, helping Belle see her prince beneath his not-so-charming looks and attitude and eventually….release the Beast!

The decoration of the room where the dinner was served was one of the highlights of the night with beautiful chandeliers and in every shape, colour and size hanging from the sealing.

Beauty and the Feast


Beauty and the Feast

The guests were sat in three long tables which served the idea of a feast and could be a good way to make new friends by passing around the food. ¬†In our case though, since it was just two of us and we were asked to sit opposite each other, it didn’t work quite as well as we couldn’t communicate unless we shouted at each other. There was even a point when we had to exchange texts!

Beauty and the Feast

The feast was delicious with the roasted pumpkin and the blue-cheese cake being the dinner’s highlights. The dessert on the other hand, which consisted of a ginger and chili jelly served in china tea cups which you then filled with ice cream of a questionable flavour (the girls next to us said it tasted like fags), was simply not edible for us. Or maybe our taste buds were not sophisticated enough to appreciate it?


The play was certainly different to what we were expecting and definitely panto although of an unusual, more daring kind. It was pleasant and kept the spirits high (or maybe it was the French-inspired cocktails!) but quite weak when it came to script and action. The actor who played Belle and the interactive nature of the show made up for it though.

Beauty and the Feast

After the show finished the party continued at the bar area with more drinking and loads of dancing. This was actually one of my favourite parts of the night as my partner and I spent hours dancing away to admittedly great music choices!

Birthday Girl


The Hummingbird Bakery London 

London Hummingbird Bakery

Are you looking for London’s best Red Velvet Cupcake? We found it at the Hummingbird Baker in Notting Hill! Located on Portobello Road, this bakery is famous for its American cupcakes and desserts. And not without reason as the cupcakes we tried were absolutely amazing!


Aubaine Restaurant Mayfair

aubaine mayfair


Looking for a place to have lunch after our long walk around buzzing Oxford Street and Carnaby Street, we stumbled across this chic but cosy French restaurant. The atmosphere was warm and relaxing and the service attentive. I ordered the Salade de chèvre chaud (warm goats’ cheese, cereal toast, baby gem lettuce, mixed leaves, apple, grapes, walnuts, French dressing) which was delicious with an aromatic glass of Rosé de Syrah. Lovely place with great vibes!

Aubaine Mayfair


Christmas in Covent Garden

Christmas in Covent Garden

One of my favourite places to visit when in London, Covent Garden looks even more beautiful with its Christmas decorations. Great area for shopping, food and people-watching as it’s always so busy!


Two of the things I loved the most from my last visit there was visiting Charlotte Tilbury’s ¬†flagship beauty boudoir as well as having drinks at the traditional White Lion pub.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Mirror

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Mirror

Inspired by the boudoirs belonging to Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, this glamorous boutique is one of my favourite beauty stores!

The last time I was there, I had a play with the famous ¬†touchscreen Magic Mirror which scans your face and allows you to virtually try on each one of Charlotte’s famous 10 Makeup Looks. You can then email your photos with all the looks to yourself whilst the Magic Mirror also recommends which one suits you best! According to the Magic Mirror I am the “ultimate Ingenue” which is definitely a very good reason to buy the look, no?

 The White Lion Pub Covent Garden

The White Lion Pub


As we were feeling very festive (and quite a bit cold!) seeing all the Christmas decorations at Covent Garden, we were looking for a place to enjoy some nice mulled wine.

The White Lion Pub

The White Lion pub, located within a short distance from Covent Garden Tube, Long Acre and Floral Street, was the perfect place for it! The interior is of a traditional English pub with a warm, festive atmosphere.¬† Its origins and history date back to Victorian times when the pub’s regulars were exclusively locals and market traders. These days though, the pub welcomed our little bunch of tourists with delicious, heart-warming mulled wine.

mulled wine


This was the end of our little London adventure! Which are your favourite spots in London?

Eleni xx




Hi everyone! It was my birthday on the 19th so I planned a little weekend getaway in London to celebrate! Fabio and I had booked tickets for a show called Beauty and the Feast and initially it was supposed to be just the 2 of us on the trip. But then my two best friends joined us as they wanted to celebrate my birthday with me! Which of course was so amazing and we had the best of times!

Notting Hill

London is one of my favourite places in the world! Every time I visit, there is always something new to see and do. My favourite season to visit London though is definitely around Christmas. The gorgeous decorations and Christmas lights make it even more beautiful and shiny and just wandering around on the streets makes you feel uplifted and happy.  This time was no different and it was the best start for the new year in my life.

Christmas Tree


We rented an Airbnb flat on the buzzing Portobello Road in the heart of Notting Hill and although we were only there for the weekend, we managed to visit some of my favourite London areas, try delicious food and of course do some shopping-much to Fabio’s excitement ūüėÄ

Here are some of the highlights of our London trip!

Ottolenghi Deli in Notting Hill

Ottolenghi Deli Notting Hill


Part of the Ottolenghi group of restaurants, delis and shops, this little taste-heaven is the perfect spot to indulge in delicious puddings, fresh salads and flavoursome snacks in Notting Hill. It is so difficult to choose what to order as everything looks amazing. I went for a baked chocolate tart with mascarpone and caramelised sesame triangle and OMG! It almost brought tears to my chocoholic’s eyes! The quality of all the ingredients used was evident and it was impressive that such a rich taste didn’t feel heavy. ¬†The perfect treat!


Ottolenghi Baked Chocolate and Mascarpone Tarte

Festive Lights on Oxford Street

Oxford Street London


My favourite shopping destination when in London, Oxford Street looks even more gorgeous when dressed in its Christmassy ambient. The decorations are captivating and add even more glam London’s most popular street.

Oxford Street London


Oxford Street London

Carnaby Street

Christmas Carnival Carnaby Street

Another very popular London area, this year’s theme for Carnaby’s Street decorations was Carnaby Christmas Carnival. Certainly not a very conventional theme for Christmas, still very beautiful and colourful.

London Birchbox Pop-Up Shop


London Birchbox Pop-Up Shop


While we were in Carnaby, we had the chance to visit the Birchbox pop-up shop! The brand’s first UK pop-up shop will remain open until the end of January and gives you the opportunity to build your own Birchbox choosing 5 products from different categories for ¬£15. Some of the featured beauty brands include Benefit Cosmetics, Rituals, Caudalie and more. Full-size packages of Top 100 bestselling products are also available for sale.


London Birchbox Pop-Up Shop

Birchbox have done a great job with the interior design of their pop-up making it a very friendly and joyful space for its visitors. The display of all products is gorgeous and done with attention to detail making the building your box process very user friendly and pleasant.  You can find the shop at 43 Carnaby Street.

London Birchbox Pop-Up Shop


Peggy Porschen Parlour

Peggy Porschen Parlour


I had seen photos of this super cute coffee and cake place and had already fallen in love with all the pink decorations (I’m a pink girl through and through I have to confess). ¬†So I was determined to visit it on my birthday!

Peggy Porschen Parlour

My lovely boyfriend and friends were patient enough to stand in the queue for about 25 minutes before finding a table to sit in which I am very grateful for ūüôā In the end I got to have a my Victoria sponge cake with very big, very pink candle and admire all the gorgeous, pink Christmas decorations.

Peggy Porschen Parlour


Peggy Porschen Parlour

Peggy Porschen Parlour


For the rest of the lovely things we tried/visited/saw in London on my birthday weekend, tune in on Thursday for Part 2 of this post !



Eleni xx





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Delicious Cake. Strong Coffee. Good Friends. ¬†Some of the things that make me so very happy… And I had the pleasure of enjoying all 3 of them last Saturday at Cake Stories, the cutest, cosiest little cafe in Newcastle! Me and my two girlfriends went there for a long catch up and we had an amazing afternoon!

Cake Stories Coffee House

Located in Jesmond, one of my favourite areas in Newcastle, the cafe is easily accessible as it’s only a 3 minutes walk from West Jesmond metro station. Brentwood Avenue is a beautiful street with a nice selection of restaurants and boutique shops. The cafe’s twinkling fairy lights invite you in, especially on a cold day like last Saturday.

Cake Stories Jesmond

As soon as we walked in, we were impressed by the beautiful decoration that created a warm, cosy and relaxing atmosphere. Everything was so well-thought. with attention to detail and heaps of good taste.

Interior Decoration

Interior Decoration

Once we settled in it was time for a very¬†difficult task… Choosing our cake! The selection was so mouth-wateringly satisfying with so many delicious goods on display for every taste ¬†but my heart was set on the Salted Caramel Popcorn cake. Because I love salted caramel. And popcorn. And cake, clearly! My friends went for the Chocolate Peanut Butter and the Strawberry and Vanilla cake.

Well I think I’ve never been so pleased with my decision in my whole life! My cake was so full of flavour and unlike many cakes that look good but then taste only of sugar, this one was a true delight for my taste buds.

My coffee was nice and strong too! Their selection of teas is also impressive so I am looking forward to trying them next time I am there.

What makes a place extra special for me is the quality of service. And the staff at Cake Stories excelled in that as well. Cheerful and polite, they made us feel comfortable and welcome ūüôā

I am so pleased to have discovered this beautiful Coffee House! I totally recommend it and I will be going back for sure!


Eleni xx

Hi Everyone,

It’s a new week and who doesn’t love some daily happiness boosters? I know I do!

For as long as I’ve known myself I have been good at doing the following things:

  1. Planning an exciting event/treat/holiday to look forward to.
  2.  Getting impatient while waiting for this exciting thing to happen,
  3. Half enjoying said thing while it’s happening while thinking about the next thing to plan ahead.

Lately though, I have decided that I don’t want to wait for the weekends, the holidays, the special events to experience happiness and excitement. I want it every single day of my life. Cause let’s face it, I’m not going to have more weekends than workdays anytime soon!


And sure, I’m still up for organising special treats, but I’m making an even bigger effort to add little happy details in my routine. They don’t have to be big or expensive but the impact they have on me is great.

Here are some things I have been really enjoying lately:

Full Coverage Podcast

I’m spending a long time commuting everyday. I can’t really read on the bus as it makes me dizzy (and not when walking for that matter!) so podcasts are my new favourite thing. Being the beauty-obsessive that I am, I love this podcast so-so much! Hosted by¬†make up artist & Youtuber Harriet Hadfield and bestselling author and beauty addict Lindsey Kelk, this podcasts makes you feel like you are having a cuppa with your besties talking about my favourite subject-beauty, what else? Harriet and Lindsey make me laugh so much while keeping me updated with all the latest beauty news. ¬†I’m only cross with them because they tempt me into buying more make up!

I heart Book Series by Lindsey Kelk

Image result for i heart new york lindsey kelk

Chick lit is one of my favourite little pleasures. I love a good romance, where everything works out and everyone is happy in the end. I can just switch off, relax and enjoy. I came across the I Heart series while listening to Full Coverage host, Lindsey Kelk, talk about her books. I bought the first one, I heart New York, and that was it. I was hooked. Funny, warm and with many beauty and fashion references, it’s a great read and I am now binge-reading through the full series.

Pukka Organic Teas

Image of Vanilla Chai

There is such a feeling of comfort in hot cup of tea! Although I normally drink coffee at work, I have my friend Beverley make me her special cup of tea if I’m feeling poorly. Now that it’s getting cold outside, I love the ritual of putting the kettle on as soon as I walk in the house and I always have a nice cup of herbal tea next to me while I’m curled in the sofa reading a book or watching Netflix. Pukka Teas are my favourite and I am currently obsessed with the Vanilla Chai and the Three Cinnamon flavours. Naturally sweet they are also perfect for my sweet tooth satisfying my cravings.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Hotel Chocolat 

Peanut Butter Chocolate 100g Slab Selector, , hi-res

Speaking of cravings… Well they don’t always go away with a cup of tea-shock! Sometimes-most times- I need a little chocolate fix but hey it is perfect with a cuppa ūüôā Hotel Chocolat is the chocoholic’s paradise, so many delicious, mouthwatering options. I love peanut butter almost as much as I love chocolate so the Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar is a majestic combination for me!

Newcastle Village Hotel and Spa


Now this falls more under the ¬†special treat category rather than a daily pleasure but it was definitely a happiness booster so I had to mention it! Last weekend was an impromptu spa break weekend at the Newcastle Village Hotel and Spa. The room was beautiful, the bed was so soft and snugly that I didn’t want to get out of it but the highlight was the spa! I usually find hotel spa massages a bit too soft but the therapist that I had my aromatherapy massage with was amazing! Strong and knowledgeable, ¬†I really melted under her hands.

What are your go-to tips for making everyday life happy and special?

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Love and Kisses,

Eleni xx