Hi Everyone! I hope you had a great Halloween weekend šŸ™‚ It’s a Sunday afternoon and I’m all snuggled up on my sofa with the company of candles and a hot hazelnut coffee listening to… View Post

Hello everyone! Apologies for the radio silenceĀ the last couple of months! Looks like I have returned to my student years this summer as I decided to take 2 exams and have spent every minute out… View Post

  Hi Everyone, Things have been pretty busy lately Ā so I’m always looking for things to keep me going. Now most times these things involve my lovely partner, closeĀ friends, a hot bath or a good… View Post

  Hi everyone, I have beenĀ #blessed with wavy hair which means a) not one day is the same as the next one b) I’ve got hair with a temperament worse than mine (and I have… View Post

  Hi everyone! You know these weeks that feel so long yet they go by too fast leaving you exhausted at the end of them like you have just run a race? Well I’ve been having… View Post